This year, 2 of the area’s largest wakeboat dealerships will be sponsoring wakeboard contest series right here in the Southeast!
Highlighting the local scene and revamping the grass roots movement we hope to light the fire in the competitive wakeboarding in the Southeast! We hope that you can join us for one or all of the events this summer either as a spectator or a competitor! It will be fun for all!

We hope to light the fire back in the mid Atlantic region for wakeboard culture. We want riders of all levels to come ride, push their friends and grow the sport through fun competition! 

Riders will be pulled behind different dealership sponsor boats at each location including Supra Boats and Mastercraft. The Fire in The Core event series is the first of its kind and you don’t want to miss out!

Choosing Your Division

When determining the division that you intend to compete it there are several factors that you need to consider. Scoring for the overall winners will be calculated based on the division that you compete in for the 5th installment. If you feel that you may learn a new trick and become ineligible for a division we advise for you to compete in the next division. Bumping down a division is not allowed under any circumstances. However, bumping up is allowed up until you check in prior to the event.

Overall Winners

The overall winners are determined by points. You earn points by placing in your division. Failure to compete in an installment of the series will result in a points penalty. The penalty for not competing is a loss of 25 points. Below is the breakdown of points per finishing position. To determine the overall winner we will add up all of the participant’s points that were earned while they were competing in the division they rode in for the 5th installment.

1st Place100 Points
2nd Place75 Points
3rd Place50 Points
4th Place25 Points
5th Place10 Points


Don’t want to compete? No Problem! We encourage for everyone to come out and support the local watersports community as several riders compete. There will be a food truck on site so there is no need to pack a cooler or stop and grab something on the way. Riders are off the dock at 9:00 AM. Don’t miss out on this fun filled day that is sure the be filled with excitement.

Event Divisions

Grom (12 and Under Up to Wake Jump)
Grom is designated for little shredders 12 and under with skill levels from just getting up on the wakeboard to a wake to wake jump. This division usually includes surface 180s, 1 wake jumps, 1 wake grabs, 1 wake 180s and a wake to wake jump. 

Novice (up to 180s)
Novice is for shredders older than 12 and ranging from just getting up learning to wakeboard to wake to wake 180s. This could include wake to wake grabs, surface spins, 180s toeside and heel side wake to wake (with or without grabs).

Intermediate ( 360s, 2 Inverts)
This division will include the guys who are taking it to a new level with handle pass 360s, and first inverts usually including a tantrum, back roll, front roll or raley. Limit to 2 inverts.

Advanced (up to 540s, 6 inverts) 
This division typically covers all the base inverts, and 540s. If you have any handle pass inverts take it to outlaw! (whirly is okay!)

Outlaw (up to one mobe and 720)
Outlaw  includes any and all inverts up to 1 handle pass mobe. This is usually a crowmobe. (whirly birds do not count as a handle pass mobe, so you can do a whirly and a crowmobe in your contest run)

Open (Anything goes)
These guys get weird!

*Riders will compete in the same division as they did for the previous boat competition for our cable competitions*

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